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Save the Dates! July 25/Aug 22

After a long hiatus and a chance to catch our breath, your Fibre Forge is back and planning some awesome events!!.

We are working on re-mounting the fibre crawls that we did so successfully last summer, and we are so excited!

The first event will be a FIBRE CRAWL on July 25. This will involve a limited number of vendors on 3 rural properties west of Hamilton. If you attended our fibre crawl last September 2020, you will be familiar with our set up! 🙂

The second event will be a FIBRE STROLL that is tentatively scheduled for Aug. 22 on one large property also west of Hamilton, where a limited numbers of vendors will be spread out over the property to allow for social distancing.

Details are coming and the moment we have all our vendors confirmed, we will be sharing that list with you! But, in the meantime, be sure to mark down July 25 and Aug 22 as the two days this summer where you will be able to meet the makers AND squish the fibre!!